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Now if you are serious about your political agenda, please put up more aesthetically pleasing signs, we are tired of looking at ugly ones.Read More Tracked on Jun 18, 2006 4:45:29 AM » Wright goes deep twice as Mets top Reds from at Shea Stadium Shea Stadium whenever David Wright makes a nice play in the field or gets a key hit."I play Second Life to get away from such nonsense Ranma Tardis, a Resident from Japan, fumes to me after posting there.

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HL If you're doing this as a political statement, why sell the land at all?I havent gone through the details at that level, but I doubt one parcel in ten sells at all.Personally I hope that this kind of institutionalisation will never happen.

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In his profile had "Impeach George H Bush ". ...

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Quand on parle de cette nouvelle saison, on ne parle que.Quant à Florent, le candidat noir, Karine Le Marchand donne quelques détails sur son profil : "Florent a été adopté au Mali par des gens qui ont une exploitation de porcs. ...

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Il n'y aura pas de voyeurisme.To start off, "I know it's more than 200" is an intentional misrepresentation. ...

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I've been tracking these down and got tired of counting at 500.Duh, if you don't want someone to buy land and want to just have a political message *you don't set it to sale at an outrageous price.Im trying to sell my plot for half what I paid and cant get a buyer as there are 20 other plots for sale near mine.

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