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Johnson (August 24, 1945 July 6, 1992) was an American gay liberation 5 activist and self-identified drag queen.Patrick et Fabien vous proposent un  » package nouvel an  » du au aux Volets Bleus.Edison Career and Technical Academy ) in Elizabeth in 1963, she left her home for New York City with 15 and a bag of clothes.

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Quoi de mieux que de passer la soirée du Nouvel An en Alsace dans le Massif Vosgien!Event occurs at 51s. .Il reste quelques disponibilités.

La longue et tragique histoire des attentats contre les communautés:

29 Shortly after that, she and close friend Sylvia Rivera co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (star) organization (initially titled Street Transvestites Actual Revolutionaries ).28 Souza told the Gay Activists Alliance shortly afterwards that it "was the shot glass that was heard around the world". ...

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10, from 19, Johnson was. ...

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42 10 Several people came forward to say they had seen Johnson harassed by a group of "thugs" who had also robbed people.21 22 When The Cockettes, a similar drag troupe from San Francisco, formed an East Coast troupe, The Angels of Light, Johnson was also asked to perform with them. ...

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Saint, sylvestre, société archéologique et historique du Limousin

Her death in 1992, Johnson lived with her friend Randy Wicker, who invited her to stay the night one time when it was "very cold outabout 10 degrees Fahrenheit" (12 C).Les crimes anti-lgbtq nont été criminalisés au niveau fédéral que très récemment, car le président George.

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