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Just to load the pen with film took such delicate precision that the CIA feared that if the inventor died, they wouldn't be able to make any more.Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex involved Interceptors: hardware modifications that turn a cyborg 's own eyes into somebody else's spy camera.The girls soon discover the camera and get back at them by staging an incident where they violently knock out Kazu to scare them into telling Dean Rivers about it while subsequently revealing their ploy.

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Agent Lockwood prefers to wear his camera device as a ring ornament; Agent Grover likes to wear his as a medallion; and dapper Agent Bianco sports his camera as a tie tack.When he wants to take a picture, a foot-square flap lifts up on the front of the apron, revealing a huge lens.When Google Glass started shipping out to early testers, privacy advocates were worried about the gadgets face camera.

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Taco Johns International CEO Jeff Linville released a statement Wednesday, saying that Taco Johns intends to fully cooperate with the eeocs investigation.They can be remote-controlled and access the same night and thermal vision modes of Sam's goggles. ...

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Literature In The Fifth Elephant, among the various spy items hidden in the Ankh-Morpork Embassy is "an iconograph small enough to fit in a pocket". ...

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Open/close all folders, anime Manga.Web Animation Homestar Runner : the Strong Bad Email "date has a brief gag where Strong Mad wears a camera hidden inside a ring. ...

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Then he holds the loaf of bread up to his eye to take pictures with.In, take the Money and Run, virgil cases a bank that his gang is going to rob by sneaking in a camera in a loaf of bread.Some versions even have noisemakers and knockout gas canisters within them, and the ones launched by the grenade launcher can render a target unconscious if it hits his head.

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